Eric Spitznagel interviews the always contrarian, oddly reasonable and immensely passionate Penn Jillette:

You don’t have to keep killing people! You don’t! As a matter of fact, killing people is harder than not killing people. It’s harder and it’s more expensive. Just think of all the money and aggravation I’m saving by not killing people while I’m on the phone with you right now. I would be so fucking distracted. I’d be like, “Oh sorry, Eric. This bitch is still breathing. I’m going to put you on mute for a minute and kick her in the cunt.” It’s easier not to kill people. You can’t say Bush is making us kill people. You can just stop! Just stop!

Jillette represents the little-el libertarian side of politics, and does it immensely well. Yes, he oversimplifies some things. Yes, he’s biased. Yes, he says things in this interview that anyone of any political bent will disagree with.

But with quotes like this:

If you want to find utopia, take a sharp right on money and a sharp left on sex and it’s straight ahead.

… how can you not love him?