Firefox, the little web-browser that could, hit 3.0 today. And it seems they think they’ve built a better browser than Safari:

We’ve told you about what makes Firefox great, but how do we compare against Safari?

The actual “feature-comparison” is short, and thin on both tangible benefits and facts. The only true “they win” is the inclusion of anti-phising and anti-malware technologies. Safari lacks these features, and though I honestly don’t consider them necessary, some folks do, and hey, bully to the Firefox team for getting those features in.

The third “feature” is nebulous, and I can’t find any supporting evidence of it online. The fourth, an aside to Firefox’s vast array of extensions, is “fair” in that there is no official mechanism of extending Safari, but folks have made do.

But they also make this claim:

Created to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web.

What a positively weird “feature”.

Now, I don’t doubt that the Firefox team deludes themselves into believing this. And I’m sure this page is mostly deigned towards marketing, not actual factual anything. Maybe the author thought that was a cute way to sum up Firefox’s history.

But fuck me if it’s not a lie. First, Firefox actually lags behind Safari in terms of web standards support. So if it was created to promote innovation, it must be more a “do as I say, not as I do” situation. In which case, they should also claim that it was created to help cure cancer. That’d look great in a feature chart.

As for promoting openness, well maybe we can give that them. But it’s not like WebKit was created to promote closedness. And while I’d love to think otherwise, I don’t even think Internet Explorer can lay claim to that goal.

Finally, “promoting opportunity” is so completely nebulous, I’m shocked someone wrote that. What precise “opportunity” has Firefox created, aside from encouraging folks to get jobs writing code for the browser? Is there some category within I’m missing? “Firefox entrepreneur” isn’t listed anywhere I can see.

The sad fact is, in most ways, WebKit/Safari is the superior browser. And it damn well better be. Apple caused a huge ruckus when it chose to use the kHTML engine as Safari’s starting point instead of Gecko. The long run has proven their decision was correct. They’ve managed to build a faster, more compliant-browser with fewer programmers and less glitz than the Firefox team. WebKit is increasingly being chosen as the default “browser component” for other manufacturers, from Nokia to Adobe to Google, and the recent Acid 3.0 browser-team-showdown didn’t make Firefox look particularly good.

Comparing themselves to Safari in such horrendously silly, self-congratulating, masturbatory ways is just begging for trouble.