Warren Ellis on link blogs and the need for new content:

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stand up now and say, okay, these are the post-curation years? The world does not need another linkblog. What is required, frankly, is what we’re supposed to call “content” these days. When I were a lad, back in the age of steam, we called this “original material.” Put another way: we like it when Cory and Xeni are the copy/paste editors for the internet, but we like it better when Cory writes a book and Xeni makes an episode of BoingBoingTV.

In my youth, I actually tried corresponding with Ellis after realizing I could instant message anyone with an AOL account, which lucky him, he had.

I asked, then begged he read a few scripts for comics I’d written that were, in retrospect, utter shit. He was and remains a literary hero of mine. I wanted nothing more than a few pointers, and possibly a multi-million dollar deal at DC or Marvel. Either would have been perfectly acceptable.

He very patiently explained that he couldn’t even read my work, due to legal issues, several times over several months. I was fourteen, and thought persistence was everything. I hounded him one evening, writing one of those brave, forward and just a bit rude emails that you’re just sure will get the recipient to take you seriously.

He promptly blocked me.

If you haven’t read it, pick up Ellis’ masterpiece Transmetropolitan. It is one of those rare series that is not only accessible, but original, twisted, thought-provoking and hilarious.