The great myths of organic food:

They’re not healthier or better for the environment – and they’re packed with pesticides. In an age of climate change and shortages, these foods are an indugence the world can’t afford…

I’d never given much thought to the myths surrounding organic food until this year. My mother has been living on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for a few years now, and during the summer helps to run a produce stand in the excellent farmer markets around the area.

The tales of how the increasing demand for organic food has been crippling farmers in her town are unnerving. The stories about the vague, expensive and draconian requirements for organic certification; The lost revenue and hardship; The push of feel-good pseudoscience by high-volume manufacturers. For a movement that often wraps itself in the cloak of the family farm, it was astonishing to hear just how often the practice damns their pretended benefactors.