Matthew Hudson asked several of his fellow authors at Psychology Today:

What psychology experiment would you love to carry out if neither ethics nor practical reality stood in your way?

Of all the answers, many of which would be interesting to see the results of, Joshua Knobe’s “Experience Machine” seems the most appealing:

I would create an “experience machine” that gave people the illusion that they were living a vibrant and exciting life.

Philosophers have long wondered whether people care only about their own feelings of happiness or whether they truly do want to be accomplishing something meaningful in their lives. If we could offer people the choice to go into this machine, we would at last have a good way of figuring out what the answer really was.

Though, at some level, I fear World of Warcraft partially answers this question for him. Given a similar choice, millions are choosing to be Orcs instead of say, computer programmers.

A similar question was posed at Research Digest.