Vimeo will no longer accept simple screencasts or walkthroughs of video games, since the videos aren’t exactly creative:

Vimeo was created with the intent of inspiring creativity and providing a place to share video with friends and family. The Vimeo staff does not feel that videos which are direct captures of video game play truly constitute “creative expression”.

Video-sharing isn’t hard to do programmatically. With the right mind and a few searches, you can find every component you need pre-made, all bright, shiny and ready to go. Which might explain the plethora of “YouTube but with…” sites and startups. For a while, it seemed like a new one sprung up every day.

Vimeo is a made-for-your-thesis example of a site that is technologically boring but editorially fantastic. Well designed, unique, and focusing not on serving everyone in as many ways as possible, but on serving everyone in the right ways, as best as possible.

They are a site dedicated to original, personal creations and they are willing to enforce that idea by alienating large blocks of users who feel otherwise.