How the entitlement of the rich got to John H. Summers, a teacher at Harvard:

(T)he students are the opposite of apathetic and indifferent. The new student rich have retained the radical energy of the 1960s, only to engage it in more lushly monetised competencies. The New Left occupied universities to protest against the bureaucratic hollowness of examination rituals and grading rationales. Now its children complete the attack on the authority of teachers, who are simply annexed to the management of student careers, drawn into a tacit agreement between corporation and client in which failure is not an option. I had to grade the students, and I had to grade them well. Everyone expected a recommendation letter.

Once their product became a career, not an education, it feels like many universities, not just those stuffed with the offspring of the privileged, slid into some form of the mediocrity Summers’ describes.