A slick tool from the MooTools team to compare the speed and accuracy of DOM selectors in the various JavaScript frameworks.

Running the tests on my MacBook in Safari showed my beloved jQuery to be the fastest of the bunch, though not by much, with YUI being the slowest by far.

Never been a fan of any framework other than jQuery. They all seemed to clunky, too focused on abstract design patterns, instead of the real work of making JavaScript less of a bitch to use.

jQuery fundamentally changed how I thought about JavaScript development, turning it from the occasional evil into something I’d often rather be using instead of server-side logic. It placed the ideals of web development, minimal download, fast response and progressive enhancement, within my reach in a way no other framework has managed.

Prototype always felt like a series of clever hacks. MooTools was Python, but not quite. Dojo was a clustered dump of brilliant functionality, but ultimately too much to remember. YUI more a collection of functionality than a cohesive framework, overly verbose and broad.

I often dip into YUI when I need a quick get-there-already bit of code. I’ve used its drag and drop library several times, and was impressed by its flexibility and capability. Each time however, I wrapped my calls to YUI in clever jQuery extensions, as it just felt more natural to deal with.