PETA’s rejected Super Bowl ad claimed vegetarians make better lovers. Like many things PETA, that’s not exactly true:

Vegetarianism also may have some negative effects on sexual desire. Vegetarian diets tend to correlate with higher rates of zinc deficiency, which is closely associated with lower testosterone levels and depressed sex drives. Vegetarian women are also more likely to develop amenorrhea (loss of periods), a condition that’s usually accompanied by low testosterone, vaginal dryness, and poor libido. Finally, the notion that overweight people are less sexually active isn’t entirely accurate (for women, at least): A recent analysis published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology shows that overweight women might, in fact, be slightly more active.

This is the same organization that is attempting to label fish sea kittens, under the auspices of bringing attention to the cruelty of eating fish.

Sarah Hartwell on the cultural taboo of eating cats:

Cat flesh only becomes economical where the cat is fed on scraps or where it eats rodents. Otherwise the expense of rearing cats for consumption makes it an expensive delicacy. There is not much meat on a cat unless it has been specially fattened. Stray cats which rely on their own hunting or scavenging skills are generally very scrawny.

Includes a lovely recipe from 1529, “Roast Cat as It Should Be Prepared”.