Ansel Adams on how he shot Moonrise, arguably his most famous photo.

Perhaps most amazing to me is how he is able to recall with such detail the exact settings he used to capture the photo.

There’s another short clip of Ansel here, where he talks about his working methods. There’s a line he utters, that seems simple at first, but which caused me to pause.

The justification for technique is being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

In an age where so much technique is handled by software, or googled on demand, that line may ring quant. But it sticks, making me long for craftsmanship.

When Ansel discusses his photography in these clips, the art of it seems almost secondary to the technique of it to him. But the technique of it is the art, or at least, the art is dependent on it. As he says later in the same clip:

There is nothing mysterious about technique. It is merely a means to an end.