David Pogue on the Sprint Evo 4G which John snarks on better than I could:

Sounds great: the Wi-Fi hotspot drains a full battery charge in an hour, you can’t get a full day of stand-by out of a full-charge, it takes six minutes to connect to 4G (if you happen to live in one of the few cities with 4G coverage).

I’ve noticed an odd tendency in Android device reviews. Their flaws, always major and always awe-inspiring in their insipidness, are inevitably attributed more to the device itself than to the underlying Android operating system. There’s a sense, not just from reviewers, but from fans of the device, that what Android really needs is just killer hardware.

Which is just absolute horse shit.

Android is an asshole of an operating system.

Stuck with an Android device for the last five days – the specific model of which I won’t mention because it doesn’t matter – I’ve been subjected to every inconsistency, idiocy and poor quality of thought Android has to offer.

The first clue came during the setup process. After being forced to walkthrough a tutorial on how to use the touch keyboard, which I could not find a way to skip, and setting up a few accounts, I was presented with not one, but three separate Yes/No dialog boxes, one of which actually said, verbatim, “Press No to cancel”. Apparently pressing Cancel to cancel never occurred to designers as an option.

Thereafter, I discovered software I could find no way to uninstall; programs which hung around after I was done with them with no way to quit I could find; interfaces which featured tiny poorly placed buttons near impossible to click without concentration; inconsistent search functionality where the “it’s right there on the phone” search button worked or didn’t work or did work but not as you’d think it’d work. I nearly started a tumblr called “Jesus Christ I Hate This Fucking Phone” just to document all the utterly asinine behaviors my iPhone-killer-anyday-now exhibited.

Everything Android gets right are things the iPhone got right first and still does better. Every “unique to Android” feature seems, at best, a technological demo.

Best I can explain it, Android is how an iPhone would work if Google designed it.

Hopefully, within the next month, I’ll have my Pre back, and I can return to a system which can honestly say its hardware is its worst feature.