At times angry, at times selfish, consistently moving, honest and informative, Katy Butler recounts the decline of her father’s health:

Their numbers grow each day. Thanks to advanced medical technologies, elderly people now survive repeated health crises that once killed them, and so the “oldest old” have become the nation’s most rapidly growing age group. Nearly a third of Americans over 85 have dementia (a condition whose prevalence rises in direct relationship to longevity). Half need help with at least one practical, life-sustaining activity, like getting dressed or making breakfast.

There are entire paragraphs of this article I could quote here. Sections I’ve now re-read a dozen times, over the last few days. But it’s the honesty of the piece that sits with you, and outside of the full context of the piece, excerpts may read offensively, or distantly.

Just know it’s a difficult thing to read, but worth the effort.