If you haven’t digested the entire NY Times piece on just what the hell went wrong at Deepwater, you should. If only in appreciation of the five-person team it took to write it.

Meanwhile, at the Economist’s Democracy in America blog, M.S. doesn’t have high hopes that exactly the same thing won’t happen again:

We don’t know whether the Deepwater Horizon blowout would have been prevented by a second blind shear ram, but it might have helped. If we actually care about preventing another such disaster, we’ll begin an immediate programme to get a second blind shear ram on every single drilling platform anywhere near American waters.

But I have a feeling we’re not going to do that… As a society, I’d bet, we’re going to decide that we don’t actually care as much about poisoning our oceans and our coastlines and befouling our planet with black crud as we do about the money it would cost to make it less likely.

I’d love to disagree, but I don’t know that I can.